Located at 1625 Calvary Dr., Dayton, Ohio, the rolling hills of Calvary Cemetery are a beautiful and peaceful setting for a cemetery and will serve the needs of many future generations of Dayton area families. Call us at (937) 293-1221 for more information. Read more...

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  • Find A Loved One

    You are welcome to use our online records search. Calvary Cemetery makes this available for your genealogical interest, necessity, and enjoyment.

  • Calvary History

    The History of Calvary Cemetery is the history of the Dayton Region. More than 75,000 memorials detail the rich history of the people of the Miami Valley.

  • Cemetery Map

    We want to make your visit as convenient as possible. Learn your way around our grounds. Use our downloadable map to navigate Calvary Cemetery.

  • Photo Gallery

    With 200 acres featuring some of the most picturesque vistas of Dayton, Calvary Cemetery offers pleasant surprises at every turn. Enjoy our selection of photos.

An Artist's View of Calvary Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery the proud home of this commemorative painting commissioned by renowned artist, Paul Melia. Paul’s work is known internationally and locally for his impressionist and realistic styles along with distinctive portraits. Melia has received many local and national awards. Paul’s faith shines through his inspirational paintings of both St. Mary Church and Holy Angels Church. His commercial works include paintings for Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, Wright State University, plus many more.
The painting for Calvary Cemetery is a 50” x 48” watercolor media of abstract/ realism design. Melia’s painting uses the subject matter of images within Calvary Cemetery.
Paul has resided in Dayton since 1946. Paul currently lives in Kettering with his wife, Carole, who he describes as the strength of the family. They have four children, three girls and a boy, all artists in their own right. They are an artist, designer, illustrator and photographer.

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